Top Rated French Bulldog Breeders in Virginia: Finding Your Perfect Furry Companion

If you’re in Virginia and looking for a French Bulldog, it’s important to find a reputable breeder. Frenchies are known for their great temperament and low-maintenance care, but they can also have significant health issues. That’s why finding a breeder who can guarantee a healthy and well-cared-for puppy is crucial.

To help with your search, we’ve compiled a list of the top-rated French Bulldog breeders in Virginia. But before making any decisions, it’s important to do your own research and make sure the breed is right for you. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at what you need to know about Frenchies and the breeders who can provide them.

Brick House Bulldogs

Brick House Bulldogs is a small home kennel located in Winchester, Virginia that specializes in raising French Bulldog puppies. They have been breeding bulldogs since 2008 but have been raising French Bulldogs since 2005. Their main priority is the health of their puppies, and they choose each pairing carefully to ensure the best quality puppies.

The kennel has a well-planned breeding program and focuses on health and care for their puppies from an early age. They treat their puppies like they are part of their family and socialize them to ensure they are comfortable around people.

Brick House Bulldogs is committed to ethical breeding practices and conducts educated research to balance health, temperament, and conformation. They also conduct preliminary health screenings to ensure their puppies are healthy before they are sent to their forever home.

Due to being a small breeding program, they only breed a limited number of puppies each year. It is recommended to contact them in advance if you are interested in a puppy from Brick House Bulldogs. They have links to veterinary clinics and are knowledgeable about the genetic problems that French Bulldogs can struggle with.

Overall, Brick House Bulldogs is a reputable breeder that prioritizes the health and well-being of their puppies.

Kaigan Kennels

Kaigan Kennels is a breeder specializing in French Bulldogs, Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, and English Bulldogs. They are located near Winchester, Virginia, and are approximately an hour and a half away from Washington, D.C. All of their French Bulldogs are bred in Northern Virginia, and the parent Frenchies are from some of the highest-quality lines in the country.

Kaigan Kennels’ French Bulldogs are AKC registered and health tested. They come with a two-year health guarantee, a health certificate containing their shot records, a sample of food, a microchip, a collar, a leash, and a few of their favorite toys. They are sociable and have a good temperament, making them suitable for all kinds of families.

To purchase a puppy from Kaigan Kennels, an application must be submitted along with a non-refundable deposit. Once the puppies are born, the buyer will be notified by email with a photo and information about each puppy, including the selection and pick-up date. Kaigan Kennels posts a weekly video of the litter so buyers can watch them grow.

At six weeks old, photos of the puppies will be posted online, and Kaigan Kennels will request the buyer’s top picks during selection. To help with the selection process, they make temperament testing videos and answer any questions via phone call a few days before the puppies go home.

The puppies will come home with the buyer after eight weeks old, and a contract will be signed. Kaigan Kennels also offers an optional training program and can find local obedience classes to train the puppy.

Overall, Kaigan Kennels is a reputable breeder of French Bulldogs, Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, and English Bulldogs. Their puppies are AKC registered, health tested, and come with a two-year health guarantee. They provide excellent customer service and support throughout the buying process and offer optional training programs to help new owners train their puppies.

MJ Frenchies

MJ Frenchies is a small in-home breeder in Woodstock, VA, that specializes in breeding high-quality French Bulldogs. The breeder, Julie, is a veterinary technician who has been breeding dogs for several years. She initially started breeding Chihuahuas but eventually decided to pursue her passion for breeding French Bulldogs.

Julie is committed to breeding only the highest quality Frenchies and does not prioritize quantity over quality. All of her breeding dogs are health-tested to ensure that they are free from any genetic diseases or health issues. Additionally, all of the puppies are raised in a loving and nurturing environment, treated like members of the family.

MJ Frenchies is registered with the AKC, and all of the puppies are registered as well. There is a waiting list for any litters produced, and the breeder keeps clients updated on due dates, ultrasounds, and births. The waiting list is free, and clients can opt-out at any time.

All of the puppies are vaccinated, de-wormed, and microchipped. They also receive a check-up at seven weeks old before going home at nine weeks of age. MJ Frenchies provides a two-year health guarantee, as well as the parent’s health testing results, microchip registration form, health records, AKC papers, dog food, and a dog bed.

MJ Frenchies is committed to providing support to their clients even after the adoption. They are always available to answer any questions about the puppies and provide guidance on their care.

Shenandoah Valley Bulldogs

Shenandoah Valley Bulldogs is a breeder located in the northern region of Virginia, founded by Matt Swartz. The breeder is focused on breeding high-quality English and French Bulldogs while considering the temperament and color of each dog. Both parents are AKC registered and must pass a DNA health panel test to identify any genetic disorders. Once cleared, they must also have an excellent temperament, and once satisfied, you will receive a three-year genetic health guarantee to confirm your puppy is of high quality.

The puppies are given the best start in life by being confined to incubators with oxygen, humidity, and temperature control once born. They leave the incubator at two weeks old where they are monitored every hour of every day, dewormed, and vaccinated. The puppies are also involved in the goings-on around them to socialize them, and the breeder will regularly contact you for updates to see how you and your pup are getting along.

Shenandoah Valley Bulldogs also offers boarding if you need to travel to collect your Frenchie, and a ready for home package to ensure that you have everything you need for bringing your pup to its forever home, which is added at an extra cost.

In summary, Shenandoah Valley Bulldogs is a reputable breeder that focuses on breeding high-quality English and French Bulldogs. They take great care in ensuring the health and well-being of their puppies, and they offer additional services like boarding and a ready for home package to make the process of bringing your pup home as smooth as possible.

The French Bulldogs In Virginia

The French Bulldogs in Virginia is a family-run kennel located in the Short Pump Area in Virginia. The family of six has a USDA license, an attending veterinarian, and all puppies are registered with the AKC. The kennel prides itself on providing healthy and well-socialized Frenchies to loving families.

All puppies at The French Bulldogs in Virginia receive regular check-ups, shots, and deworming. Once a puppy is older than eight weeks old, they receive additional vaccinations to ensure complete health. The puppies and their parents live in the house with the family, ensuring that the puppies are well-socialized.

To purchase a puppy, an appointment is required. The kennel recommends purchasing pet insurance when buying a puppy, and interested buyers can submit an online request. The kennel offers opportunities to pre-order a puppy and is happy to supply more information and photos of the puppies.

All puppies come with their veterinary certificates, records, AKC pedigree or registration, veterinary documents, USDA form, and a microchip ID and tags. The kennel also provides negative test results to confirm the puppies’ health at an extra cost.

The French Bulldogs in Virginia is committed to providing healthy and happy Frenchies to loving families in Virginia and beyond.

Virginia French Bulldogs, LLC

Virginia French Bulldogs, LLC is a small family business that has been breeding Frenchies for over two decades. They are located in Halifax County, Virginia, and are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC).

The breeding program is run by a family who takes pride in raising their Frenchies indoors with free-range access to the outside. They breed one litter each year and allow potential buyers to visit their pups at home or in a local park. This allows for a more personalized experience and helps ensure that the puppies go to the right families.

Both parents of the Frenchies are registered by the AKC and are genetically health tested to guarantee that they are completely healthy. All information on each of the parents can be found on their website, including details about their color, DNA code, and fees.

The Frenchies are sold to families once they are twelve weeks old. There is a non-refundable deposit when you buy a Frenchie from Virginia French Bulldogs, LLC. If you need any information, you can contact them through their website, phone, or social media.

Overall, Virginia French Bulldogs, LLC is a reputable breeding program that places a strong emphasis on the health and well-being of their Frenchies. They provide a personalized experience for potential buyers and ensure that their puppies go to the right families.

Final Thoughts

French Bulldogs are a popular breed, but they can come with health issues. When looking for a reputable breeder, it’s important to do thorough research to ensure that your new furry friend comes from a good breeding program. The breeders listed in this article are all reputable, socialize their puppies, and have good customer service.

When purchasing a French Bulldog, it’s important to consider the veterinary costs associated with their potential health issues. A good breeder will provide you with a health certificate and have an attending veterinarian who has checked the puppy for any health issues. Additionally, a good breeder will provide you with a health guarantee and have completed health screenings on the puppy’s parents.

Avoid puppy mills and scammers by only purchasing from a reputable breeder. A USDA license is a good indicator of a reputable breeder. French Bulldogs are eager to please and have a lively temperament, making them a great addition to any family.

Overall, make sure that you are ready for the responsibility of owning a French Bulldog and that you find a reputable breeder who provides the best care for their puppies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Indicators of a Reputable French Bulldog Breeder in Virginia?

When looking for a reputable French Bulldog breeder in Virginia, there are indicators to look out for. These include:

  • A breeder that is registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC).
  • A breeder that allows you to visit their facility to see the living conditions of the puppies.
  • A breeder that provides health certificates for the puppies and their parents.
  • A breeder that is knowledgeable about the breed and can answer any questions you may have.

What is the Typical Price Range for a French Bulldog Puppy in Virginia?

The price range for a French Bulldog puppy in Virginia can vary depending on the breeder and the puppy’s pedigree. On average, a French Bulldog puppy can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000.

How Do I Select the Best French Bulldog Puppy When Visiting a Breeder?

When visiting a breeder, there are certain things to look out for to select the best French Bulldog puppy. These include:

  • A puppy that is playful and curious.
  • A puppy that has a shiny coat and clear eyes.
  • A puppy that is not too thin or too overweight.
  • A puppy that is socialized and comfortable around people.

What are the Characteristics of a Desirable French Bulldog?

A desirable French Bulldog should have a compact and muscular body, with a smooth coat that is easy to maintain. They should have a friendly and affectionate temperament, and be easy to train. French Bulldogs should also have a distinct “bat-like” ear shape and a short, wide muzzle.

Can You Recommend any Elite French Bulldog Breeders in the Richmond, VA Area?

There are several elite French Bulldog breeders in the Richmond, VA area. Some of the top-rated breeders include:

  • Brick House Bulldogs
  • Kaigan Kennels
  • PuppySpot

Are There any Specific French Bulldog Rescue Organizations in Virginia?

Yes, there are several French Bulldog rescue organizations in Virginia. Some of these include:

  • Virginia French Bulldog Rescue
  • Mid-Atlantic Bulldog Rescue
  • Old Dominion Boston Terrier Rescue

It is important to note that adopting a rescue French Bulldog can be a great way to give a loving home to a dog in need.

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