Are Fluffy Frenchies Purebred? (Answered)

Yes, fluffy Frenchies are considered purebred dogs. The gene responsible for the longer coat is a natural genetic variant found in some purebred French Bulldogs called the Fibroblast growth factor 5 (FGF5) gene.

Fluffy Frenchie Purebred

This recessive gene causes some French Bulldogs to have slightly longer, fluffier coats than the typical short-haired variety when two dogs carrying the gene breed.

So while they have longer fur than a traditional Frenchie, fluffy French Bulldogs are still bred from purebred French Bulldog parents with the natural FGF5 gene variant.

The FGF5 gene is recessive, so both parent dogs must carry the gene for the puppies to express the longer coat trait.

What is the difference between a fluffy french bulldog and a regular french bulldog?

The difference between a fluffy French Bulldog and a regular French Bulldog lies in their coat type. Fluffy French Bulldogs have a longer, fluffier coat compared to the short, smooth coat of a standard French Bulldog.

This is due to a rare genetic mutation that results in the presence of the long hair gene, typically referred to as the Lh gene.

The fluffy coat is the result of two copies of this recessive gene. In all other aspects, such as structure, personality, and care requirements, fluffy Frenchies are very similar to regular French Bulldogs.

The Wild Earth confirms that the Fluffy Frenchie is not much different than a standard French Bulldog apart from the hair being fluffier than average.

How Can You Tell if a French Bulldog is a Fluffy French Bulldog?

You can tell if a French Bulldog is a fluffy French Bulldog by looking at the length and texture of its coat.

Fluffy French Bulldogs have a longer, softer, and fluffier coat compared to the short, smooth coat of the standard French Bulldog.

The longer hair is particularly noticeable around the ears, back, and chest, giving them a shaggy appearance. This characteristic coat is due to a recessive gene known as the Fibroblast Growth Factor 5 (FGF5) gene.

Both parents must carry this gene for their offspring to express the trait.

For a definitive determination, a genetic test can identify the presence of the long hair gene in a French Bulldog.

According to the information provided by Famous Frenchies Australia, the gene responsible for the longer, ‘fluffy’ hair is an autosomal recessive gene called FGF5, and it can be identified through genetic testing.

Are Fluffy French Bulldogs More Expensive Than Regular French Bulldogs?

Yes, fluffy French Bulldogs are typically more expensive than regular French Bulldogs.

The fluffy variety is rare and comes from a recessive long hair gene that both parents must carry, making these dogs less common and in high demand.

This rarity and the unique appearance of the fluffy coat can significantly increase their price.

For example, standard colored fluffy puppies are usually priced at approximately $10,000, while those with rare colors such as lilac tan and merle can cost up to $19,000.

In comparison, regular French Bulldogs can often be purchased for less, although prices can vary widely based on factors like lineage, breeder reputation, and color.

Are Fluffy Frenchies Real?

Yes, Fluffy Frenchies, or fluffy-coated French Bulldogs, are real.

They are a variation of the standard French Bulldog that have a longer, fluffier coat due to a rare genetic mutation.

This mutation is related to the Fibroblast Growth Factor 5 (FGF5) gene, which is a recessive gene responsible for the longer hair.

Fluffy Frenchies are purebred French Bulldogs that have inherited this gene from both parents.

While they are not as common as the short-haired variety, they are recognized and have been gaining popularity among enthusiasts of the breed.

Is a fluffy Frenchie 100% French Bulldog?

Yes, a fluffy Frenchie is 100% French Bulldog. They are purebred French Bulldogs that carry a rare genetic mutation for long hair, which is the result of a recessive gene known as the Fibroblast Growth Factor 5 (FGF5) gene.

This gene gives them a longer, fluffier coat than the typical short coat of the standard French Bulldog.

Despite their different coat type, fluffy Frenchies have the same breed standards in terms of body shape, personality, and other physical characteristics associated with French Bulldogs.

Where Do Fluffy Frenchies Come From?

Fluffy Frenchies, like all French Bulldogs, have a history that traces back to England, where they were originally bred as a smaller version of the English Bulldog.

The “fluffy” or long-haired characteristic in French Bulldogs comes from a rare expression of a recessive gene known as the Fibroblast Growth Factor 5 (FGF5) gene.

While French Bulldogs are named for France, their development into the breed we know today was influenced by their popularity among lace workers in England who migrated to France during the Industrial Revolution.

The breed was further refined in France, and it’s here that they gained the name “French Bulldog.”

The fluffy coat trait is a more recent development and is less common than the traditional short coat.

It can occur naturally when two French Bulldogs that both carry the recessive long hair gene are bred together, resulting in offspring that express this fluffy trait.

These dogs are still purebred French Bulldogs; they just have a different coat texture due to this specific genetic variation.

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