Best English Bulldog Breeders in California

English Bulldogs are a popular breed of dog that is known for their distinctive wrinkled faces and stocky build.

They have a friendly disposition and are great with children, making them a perfect family pet.

However, owning an English Bulldog comes with responsibilities that must be taken seriously, including finding a reputable breeder.

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Brief History of English Bulldogs

The history of the English Bulldog can be traced back to England in the 15th century.

At that time, Bulldogs were bred for bull-baiting, a cruel sport where dogs would attack bulls for entertainment.

Due to their bravery and tenacity, they became popular as fighting dogs as well.

In the 19th century, bull-baiting was banned in England. With this ban came a shift in breeding priorities for Bulldogs.

Breeders started focusing on developing desirable physical characteristics such as wrinkles and stocky builds rather than aggression.

This led to the development of the gentle and friendly English Bulldog we know today.

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Importance of Finding a Reputable Breeder

Finding a reputable breeder is crucial when it comes to owning an English Bulldog because it ensures that your new pet will be healthy and well-adjusted.

A reputable breeder will have strict breeding standards that prioritize health over appearance or profit.

Reputable breeders will also health test their dogs before breeding them to ensure they are free from any hereditary diseases or defects.

They also work hard to socialize their puppies from an early age so they grow up comfortable around people and other animals.

It’s important not to buy puppies from puppy mills or backyard breeders who prioritize profit over animal welfare.

Such breeders often don’t conduct health testing on their dogs or provide adequate socialization for puppies before selling them off to unsuspecting owners.

This can lead to health problems and behavioral issues down the road.

Finding a reputable breeder is essential when it comes to owning an English Bulldog.

It ensures that you get a healthy and well-adjusted pet who will be a loving addition to your family for years to come.

Top English Bulldog Breeders in California

According to my search results, some of the top English Bulldog breeders in California include:

  • Big Bulldogs California
  • Schoolyard Bulldogs California
  • Seaside English Bulldogs California
  • One of Kind Bulldogs
  • Doublewide Olde English Bulldogges

It’s important to note that this is not an exhaustive list and there may be other reputable English Bulldog breeders in California.

It’s always recommended to thoroughly research any breeder before making a purchase to ensure they are ethical and responsible.

Detailed Profiles of Each Breeder

Breeder #1: Bullies4U English Bulldogs

Bullies4U English Bulldogs, located in Riverside County, is a well-established breeder with over two decades of experience in the field.

They are a family-owned business that prides itself on producing excellent quality puppies from championship bloodlines. Their philosophy is to breed for health, temperament, and conformation.

They strive to produce healthy and happy bulldogs that conform to the American Kennel Club (AKC) standards.

At Bullies4U English Bulldogs, all their breeding dogs undergo thorough health testing and certifications before being bred.

Health tests include OFA hip and elbow evaluations, cardiac exams by a cardiologist, patellar luxation exams by a veterinarian, and DNA testing for genetic diseases such as HUU (hyperuricosuria) and CMR1 (Canine Multifocal Retinopathy). Their puppies are also vet-checked before going home with their new families.

Customers rave about the quality of service they receive at Bullies4U English Bulldogs. The breeder provides ongoing support to their customers even after they take their puppies home.

They offer a one-year health guarantee against any congenital defects that may arise. Bullies4U English Bulldogs is truly one of the best English Bulldog breeders in California!

Breeder #2: Royal Blue Bulldogs

Royal Blue Bulldogs specializes in breeding show-quality AKC-registered English Bulldogs in Los Angeles County.

The breeder has been active for over 15 years and has built an exceptional reputation for themselves.

They have been featured in several magazines such as American Bulldog Review magazine.

Their breeding philosophy focuses on producing sound and healthy bulldogs with excellent structure and movement.

The breeder believes in breeding dogs that meet the breed standard and have excellent temperaments to make them great family pets. Health testing is a high priority for Royal Blue Bulldogs.

All their breeding dogs are OFA hip and elbow evaluated, cardiac checked by a veterinarian, patellar luxation examined, and DNA tested for genetic diseases such as HUU and CMR1. They also offer a one-year health guarantee against any congenital defects.

Their customers praise them for their exceptional customer service and the quality of their puppies. Royal Blue Bulldogs ensures that all their puppies go to loving homes where they will be well taken care of.

Breeder #3: Bulldog Pros

Bulldog Pros is located in San Diego County and has been breeding English Bulldogs since 1998.

They specialize in producing show-quality AKC registered bulldogs with excellent conformation, temperament, and health.

Their breeding philosophy involves using only the best bloodlines to produce healthy puppies with excellent structure and movement.

They use advanced genetic testing methods to ensure that their puppies do not carry any genetic defects or diseases. Health testing is a high priority at Bulldog Pros.

All their breeding dogs undergo rigorous health testing which includes OFA hip/elbow evaluations, patellar luxation exams by a vet, cardiac checks by a cardiologist, DNA testing for genetic disorders such as HUU and CMR1, among others. Customers praise Bulldog Pros for the quality of service they receive at the facility.

They provide ongoing support even after adopting the puppies which includes lifetime support from an experienced team of professionals who are ready to assist new owners with any questions or concerns about their pets.

Overall these three breeders are highly respected in California’s English bulldog community due to the quality of English bulldogs produced over the years.

Tips for Choosing the Right English Bulldog Breeder

Choosing the right breeder is crucial when it comes to getting a healthy English Bulldog puppy that will be a loyal companion for years to come. Here are some tips on how to find and choose the best breeder:

Research Breeders Thoroughly

The first step in finding a reputable English Bulldog breeder is doing thorough research. Start by reading up on the breed and its specific health concerns.

Then, look online for breeders in your area or state. Be sure to read reviews, both positive and negative, from previous customers.

You may also want to check with local breed clubs or rescue organizations for recommendations on reputable breeders in your area.

These organizations often have strict standards when it comes to breeding practices and can provide valuable insight into which breeders are most trustworthy.

Visit the Breeder’s Facility in Person

Once you’ve identified potential breeders, it’s important to visit their facilities in person.

This will give you a chance to see how they interact with their dogs and get a sense of their breeding practices firsthand.

During your visit, pay attention to things like cleanliness, dog behavior, and the overall temperament of the dogs at the facility.

If something seems off or makes you uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to ask questions or look elsewhere.

Ask Questions About Their Breeding Practices and Policies

To ensure that you’re getting an English Bulldog puppy from a reputable breeder, be sure to ask lots of questions about their breeding practices and policies. Some key things to ask about include:

  • Their history as a breeder
  • Their philosophy when it comes to breeding
  • What health testing and certifications do they require for their breeding dogs
  • What guarantees or warranties do they offer for their puppies
  • Whether they’re willing to provide references from other happy customers.

A reputable breeder will be happy to answer all of your questions and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Key Takeaways

Finding the right English Bulldog breeder requires a bit of effort, but it’s well worth it in the end.

By doing thorough research, visiting facilities in person, and asking lots of questions about breeding practices and policies, you can ensure that you’re getting a healthy puppy from a trustworthy source.

Remember: choosing a breeder is just the first step in raising a healthy, happy English Bulldog. Be sure to provide your new puppy with plenty of love, attention, and proper care throughout its life!


A Recap of Top Breeders in California

After careful research and consideration, we have compiled a list of the top English Bulldog breeders in California.

Each breeder on our list has a strong commitment to responsible breeding practices, health testing, and producing high-quality English Bulldogs.

We highly recommend the following breeders:

1. Bulldog Pros: located in San Diego, CA, Bulldog Pros is dedicated to producing healthy and well-socialized English Bulldogs with excellent temperaments.

2. West Coast Rare Bulldogs: based in Los Angeles, CA, West Coast Rare Bulldogs focuses on breeding rare-colored English Bulldogs while maintaining the breed’s health and standard.

3. Bryan’s Bulldogs: located in Fresno, CA, Bryan’s Bulldogs has been breeding champion bloodline English Bulldogs for over 15 years with a focus on temperament and health.

Final Thoughts on Finding a Reputable English Bulldog Breeder

Finding a reputable English Bulldog breeder requires time and effort on your part as a potential buyer.

It is important to do your research ahead of time by looking for reviews online and checking out the breeder’s website or social media profiles.

You should also be prepared to ask questions about the breeder’s history of breeding English Bulldogs as well as their policies regarding health testing and guarantees.

A reputable breeder will always prioritize the health and welfare of their dogs above all else.

They will be transparent about where their dogs come from, how they are raised, and what kind of care they receive before going to their new homes.

A good breeder will also provide support throughout your dog’s life including advice on training and care.

Bringing an English Bulldog into your life can bring immense joy but only if you find a responsible breeder.

Take the time to research and find a reputable breeder who prioritizes the health and well-being of their dogs.

With patience and diligence, you can find the perfect furry companion to join your family for years to come.

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