YOLO French Bulldog: History & Traits

The YOLO French Bulldog has made a significant impact on the breeding of this beloved breed.

Distinct for carrying a blend of colors including cream, tan, blue, and chocolate, the YOLO French Bulldog is not just unique in appearance but also in its genetic offerings.

Its widespread influence across North America highlights the value it brings to breeding programs, producing puppies with a guaranteed palette of colors and traits.

This dog has become an asset to breeders and a joy to French Bulldog enthusiasts.

Breed Origin and History Of Yolo French Bulldog

The Yolo French Bulldog is a distinct strain within the French Bulldog breed, known for its unique attributes and historical significance.

Early Beginnings

The Yolo Frenchie traces its lineage back to the English Bulldog, bred for companionship and distinct aesthetic.

They are a result of precise breeding practices, focusing on specific size and color traits that stand out in the broader French Bulldog breed.

Popularity of the Yolo Frenchie

Initially bred for select clientele, the Yolo Frenchie gained recognition for its demeanor and unusual appearance.

They have seen a rise in popularity as both companions and as part of a breeder’s prestigious line-up.

Bottom Line: The Yolo French Bulldog has a rich history, originating from the English Bulldog and gaining popularity for its unique characteristics.

Physical Characteristics of Yolo Frenchie

The Yolo Frenchie presents distinct physical features such as an array of rich coat colors and, often, a unique fluffy texture.

Signature Appearance

Yolo French Bulldogs boast the breed’s hallmark bat ears and a distinctive, endearing facial expression.

Size and Weight

They typically weigh between 19 to 28 pounds and stand around 11 to 13 inches tall at the shoulder.

Coat Colors and Textures

Their coat comes in several hues including brindle, fawn, blue, lilac, chocolate, cream, and tan.

Unlike the short, smooth fur of traditional Frenchies, Yolo may exhibit a rarer fluffy French bulldog coat due to specific gene variations.

Genetic Features

The genetic makeup of the Yolo French Bulldog is both unique and intriguing, particularly in terms of their coat colors and the presence of the “fluffy” gene.

Color Genes

The coloration in Yolo French Bulldogs is defined primarily by a combination of two genes: Ay (agouti) and E (extension).

The existence of AyAy or Ayat determines fawn or sable colors, while ee results in cream or red. B-locus genes influence brown or chocolate colors, requiring two copies for expression.

An nn genotype indicates a non-carrier for intensity dilution, which can affect color brightness.

Fluffy Gene

A rare but highly sought-after trait is the L4L4 genotype, indicative of the long-haired or “fluffy” carrier. Bulldogs with two copies of the recessive L4 gene will exhibit the fluffy phenotype.

Acquiring a Yolo French Bulldog

When seeking to purchase a Yolo French Bulldog, it’s critical to identify reputable breeders and understand the details of the puppy selection process.

Where I can find the Reputable yolo Frenchie Breeder?

Reputable Yolo French Bulldog breeders can be found by searching through AKC registered databases or specialized canine associations.

Prioritizing breeders who demonstrate a commitment to health, temperament, and the breed standard is essential.

Yolo Puppy Selection Process

Prospective owners should expect a careful selection process.

Breeders typically offer details on puppy health, lineage, and AKC registration, along with information on their temperament and physical characteristics.

The price may vary greatly depending on these factors.

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