Are French Bulldogs Good with Kids? A Guide Parent’s

French Bulldogs have taken the world by storm and have become America’s most popular dog breed, dethroning the Labrador’s 31-year reign. Parents may wonder if Frenchies are good pets for kids. The answer is that: Yes, French Bulldogs are excellent companions for kids of all ages, making them an ideal family dog.

According to the ATTS, French Bulldogs have one of the most stable dog temperaments with a passing rate of 96.2%.

Combined with their playful nature, patience, and affection, Frenchies often thrive with kids in the home.

In this article, readers will learn the top reasons why French Bulldogs are ideal dogs for kids and potential dangers of raising these dogs with children.

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Is the Frenchie’s Temperament Good For Kids?

The Frenchie, also known as the French Bulldog, possesses a temperament that is often deemed to be excellent for kids. French Bulldogs are known for their pleasant and loving nature, making them a wonderful addition to families with children.

They are gentle, patient, and enjoy spending time with kids, whether it involves playtime or just relaxing at home.

Moreover, their protective instinct adds a sense of security when they are around children.

However, it is also crucial to remember that the interactions between pets and young children should always be supervised. With proper care and attention, a Frenchie can indeed be a great family pet

How We Measure a Frenchie’s Temperament

The American Temperament Test Society (ATTS) is a non-profit organization that has evaluated tens of thousands of dogs through many decades. Their methods of measuring temperament are simple but effective. The Frenchie is put on a 6-foot loose leash and is given a number of external stimulants. From there, 3 ATTS judges evaluate their responses. After evaluation, the judges give a pass or fail score. The majority rules for the final score. A dog can fail if they show any signs of panic, anxiety, aggression, or aloofness (with no recovery).

The ATTS has evaluated 52 French Bulldogs, and 50 of them passed the test. In only two rare occurrences did this breed fail. The passing rate of French Bulldogs was 96.2%, which is impressive. For reference, the average passing rate among all breeds is just 83.4%. This data shows that French Bulldogs have a temperament that is stable and calm, making them suitable for families with young children.

The French Bulldog’s Kid-Friendly Temperament

French Bulldogs are people-loving dogs that are exceptional at adapting to their environment. They can thrive in an apartment, in the suburbs, or in rural regions. As a result, they also do a great job at adapting to the chaos that comes with kids. They have a patient nature and are gentle with children, making them an ideal family pet.

Frenchies have a reputation for being affectionate, loyal, and friendly when they are well raised. They were bred to be human companion dogs, and this is seen in the way they behave with young kids and toddlers. French Bulldogs are adaptable and have stable personalities, making them a great fit for families with children of any age.

Male and female Frenchies can differ in temperament, with males tending to be more playful and confident and females being more timid. However, this tends to vary depending on upbringing and socializing. A socially adjusted Frenchie is a delight to own and can be a great companion for any child.

In conclusion, French Bulldogs have a temperament that is well-suited for families with young children. They are patient, calm, and gentle, making them an ideal family pet. The ATTS data shows that Frenchies have a stable temperament, and their adaptability and compassion make them a great fit for families with children of any age.

4 Reasons Why Frenchies Are Good With Kids

French Bulldogs are great companions for kids and they have a lot of qualities that make them ideal playmates. Here are four reasons why Frenchies and children are a perfect match.

1. Frenchies were bred to be companions

French Bulldogs were originally bred to be companion dogs, and they excel at this role. They are small, affectionate, and love human interaction. Frenchies are loyal, people-oriented, sociable, and playful dogs, making them a perfect fit for families with children. They are great for households with children because they are easy-going and have an energetic, playful nature that children love.

2. Frenchies may be small, but they’re durable

Despite their small size, French Bulldogs are sturdy and durable dogs. They are built to be strong and are a great fit for families with children. They are not too big, which makes them less likely to accidentally knock over a child. Frenchies are small dogs, typically between 11 to 13 inches tall at the shoulder and can weigh up to 30 pounds. They are the perfect size for children to play with and cuddle.

3. Frenchies are quiet dogs

French Bulldogs are relatively quiet dogs, making them a great fit for families with babies or infants. They are not known to be excessive barkers and are one of the quietest breeds. Frenchies make all types of strange noises, such as yawns, gargles, and a little bit of yodeling. These sounds tend to be entertaining for kids and are a lot better than barking, which can easily scare a child.

4. Frenchies are energetic, but not hyperactive

French Bulldogs are moderately active ( These activities you can do with French bulldog) dogs that have the energy and liveliness to match that of a child’s. However, they are not overly-energetic to the point where they will be too rough on your children. Frenchies are perfectly suited for children and enjoy spending quality time with them. They need about 1 hour of exercise a day, which can be as simple as a couple of strolls through the neighborhood or playing catch with the kids.

In conclusion, French Bulldogs are great companions for kids. They are playful, joyful, loyal, sociable, and friendly dogs that make excellent companions for children. They are small, affectionate, and have a playful nature that children love. Frenchies are durable, quiet, and energetic dogs that are ideal playmates for kids. They are great for households with children because they are easy-going and have a gentle play style. French Bulldogs are the perfect center of attention for children who are looking for a loyal friend to play with.

2 Potential Dangers of Frenchies with Kids

1. The Frenchie can develop “small dog syndrome”

French Bulldogs are small dogs that can develop small dog syndrome. This syndrome is a set of behaviors that small breeds exhibit to compensate for their petite size. Small dog syndrome can lead to constant jumping on owners or other dogs, barking or growling at other dogs and people, snapping back at rough play, prolonged aloofness with larger dogs or people, unprovoked aggression, or tendencies. French Bulldogs are not overly prone to developing small dog syndrome, but they can become divas if they are too spoiled all the time. Without clear boundaries, they are more likely to develop small dog syndrome.

While Frenchies have a durable body that is less delicate than other small breeds, they may strike back at young kids if they become too rough with them. They are trying to protect themselves from potential injury. Therefore, it is important to teach kids how to handle and play with French Bulldogs properly.

2. They may be overly-protective dogs

French Bulldogs tend to love the kids of the family, but this can sometimes develop into harmful possessiveness. They may stick by the children’s side like good little velcro dogs and become overly protective. This behavior stems from the fact that Frenchies are clingy to the kids and susceptible to separation anxiety. If they are not adequately socialized and trained, they may react to others with barking, growling, or other aggressive tendencies, putting visiting friends of your kids at risk.

Frenchies can also be quite possessive of their humans and their food. They may bully other dogs away from their food, and kids should always give them space when eating. It is also essential never to free-feed French Bulldogs.

To prevent these potential dangers, it is crucial to teach kids how to interact with French Bulldogs and set clear boundaries. Adequate socialization and obedience training can help prevent small dog syndrome and overly protective behavior.

How to Train Frenchies For Kids

French Bulldogs can be great companions for kids, but it is important to train both the kids and the dog to interact safely and respectfully. This section will cover three important aspects of training Frenchies for kids: preparing kids for Frenchies, socializing your Frenchie with kids, and obedience training.

Preparing Kids for Frenchies

Before allowing kids to interact with the French Bulldog, it is important to establish ground rules for their behavior around the dog. These rules will vary depending on the household, kids’ personalities, and the dog, but some good starting points include asking for permission before playing with the French Bulldog, being gentle with the dog, and giving the Frenchie plenty of space when he’s eating.

It is also important to show kids how to behave around the dog, as children are excellent visual learners. If kids are too young to understand how to respect the family dog, they should not be playing with them anyway. Without mutual respect, it could be dangerous for both the kids and the dog.

Socializing Your Frenchie with Kids

Socializing your Frenchie with kids is an important part of training them to interact safely and respectfully. This involves allowing the young puppy to meet as many kids (and other humans) as possible, so they can understand that all kids are good and not just the family kids.

The best time for socializing a Frenchie is between weeks 3 and 20, when they are more fearless and carefree. Socializing sets the foundation for dog temperaments, so they would be better adjusted to living in society alongside humans.

However, do not limit socializing to only kids. Frenchies need to experience as many sensations, sights, sounds, and of course, people, as possible.

Obedience Training is Essential

Obedience training is essential for Frenchies, as they can be stubborn learners. It is important to go through the 5 basic commands of obedience training: sit, heel, stay, down, and leave it. This will make it easier to control them in situations that may be getting out of hand.

After getting down the basics of obedience training, it is a good idea to get the kids involved. This will give them better confidence while interacting with the Frenchie, and the family dog will learn to respect and respond to the children.

Consistency is essential to building trust between owner and dog, especially if you’re using reward-based training. Obedience training also helps build trust between kids and dogs.

In conclusion, training Frenchies for kids involves preparing kids for Frenchies, socializing your Frenchie with kids, and obedience training. By following these steps, you can ensure a safe and pleasant experience for both the kids and the dog.

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